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PostSubject: [CHARACTER ATTRIBUTES]   [CHARACTER ATTRIBUTES] EmptyThu Nov 04, 2010 7:12 pm

One’s Core Attributes are always: Efficiency+100/Evasion+100/Fortitude+100/Rhythm+0%
One’s Sign effects these Core Attributes. When the 36th Hour passes, Attributes always reset to Core Attributes, excepting certain conditions, liken the company of Another’s Rhythm, or negligence of One’s Bath/Thirst.

Efficiency is essentially One’s performance, and their ability to produce a favorable outcome in their endeavor. The higher One’s Efficiency, the more apt they are to successfully bring in a bountiful Harvest, produce more finished goods then Another, and Rob their fellow man.

Evasion is precisely thus; One’s ability to evade danger, and move swiftly whence the need arises! Evasion is necessary for eluding theft of One’s person, avoiding those irksome clouds of troubling gases that make One sick, or dead even, and tread lightly, being undetected should One want to.

Fortitude is One’s ability to weather the storm. Force of will, strength of body, hope, and determination are just a few things that Fortitude encompass. One with little Fortitude may fast succumb to a bad illness, while Another with much Fortitude can recover more quickly from being tapped by a Wand.

Has One ever sung a song, hummed a familiar tune, or whistled while they worked? One with Rhythm has. Rhythm increases One’s Efficiency, and the Efficiency of those around them also. Rhythm also makes One’s spirit swell, and more apt to overcome adversity. Wherewithal Rhythm increases One’s Fortitude. One that has a good Rhythm is a welcome addition to any Labor party, or content to work alone.

One’s Birthday may be insignificant at first glance, but it has a slight, and fairly subtle effect on One’s Core Attributes. One’s Birthday determines their Sign. Some Signs make One more apt, more graceful, or more so musically inclined. What is your Sign?
Signs are not an exact Science, rather, Signs are an observation of mankind. Be careful in measuring a man, and especially woman, by their Sign. Signs may not be a hard, or fast way to profile Another. Only after much observation can One safely say that most that are born in the colder months of Staff, Wand, Rabbit, and Bee are generally more Efficient then those that are born in the pleasanter (thus lax) months of Drum, Firefly, Ibex, and Tree. For instance, One born in the month of Staff may not be hardworking, or stubborn as their Sign suggests. One may be lazy! But when bothered the slightest to work, they may concede, and with great speed, and Efficiency, if only so that they may be done again!
By supplying two broad, sometime ambiguous descriptors for each Sign, One may get a brief, but general sense of that person’s character. However, talking to them, and becoming familiar with them, is a more sure way. Thus, we advise One not to become overly concerned with Signs.
One might consider Signs as an indicator that Another is slightly likely, or probably inclined to be predisposed toward one Attribute as opposed to another. Consider, also, that diet, and environment often effect One’s Core Attributes on a much grander scale then their Sign does.
Additionally, each Sign is classified as an Ore and Mineral, Precious Metal, Stone, Noble Gas, Wood, or Wilder Sign. While we may have forgotten the ancient knowledge that lent meaning to the classifications, they do make for curious pairs, when in a Labor party, and uncannily enough, enjoy One and Another’s company more so then conflicting Signs.
  • (THE STAFF)Hardworking/Stubborn - Efficiency +20/Evasion -15/Fortitude +20
    An Ore and Mineral Sign
  • (THE WAND)Explorative/Experimental - Efficiency +10/Evasion +10/Fortitude -5/Rhythm +10%
    An Ore and Mineral Sign
  • (THE RABBIT)Sensitive/Creative - Efficiency +5/Evasion +30/Fortitude -15/Rhythm +5%
    A Wilder Sign
  • (THE BEE)Bold/Efficient - Efficiency +15/Fortitude +10
    A Precious Metal Sign for it’s golden honey.
  • (THE TOWER)Stalwart/Industrious - Efficiency +10/Evasion -10/Fortitude +25
    A Stone Sign
  • (THE DRUM)Sociable/Engaging - Efficiency -5/Evasion -5/Rhythm +30%
    A Precious Metal Sign
  • (THE FIREFLY)Abstract/Charismatic - Efficiency +5/Evasion +5/Fortitude +5/Rhythm +10%
    A Noble Gas Sign
  • (THE IBEX)Strong/Stubborn - Efficiency -15/Evasion +20/Fortitude +25/Rhythm -5%
    A Stone Sign
  • (THE TREE)Conservative/Lofty - Efficiency -5/Evasion -15/Fortitude +40
    A Wood Sign
  • (THE STAG)Methodical/Evasive - Efficiency +30/Evasion +10/Fortitude -15
    A Wood Sign
  • (THE SWALLOW)Cunning/Diplomatic - Efficiency -5/Evasion +30
    A Wilder Sign
  • (THE CANDLE/TORCH)Energetic/Deft - Efficiency +20/Evasion +15/Fortitude -10
    A Noble Gas Sign

Fuel One’s self! Foods effect the Attributes in not so subtle, and mostly positive ways (with the exception of drinking mushroom spirits). Failure to eat any Food effects One’s Attributes when the 36th Hour passes, and a new day dawns. Efficiency, Evasion, and Fortitude are all reduced by 40 every day that One is not yet compelled to eat Food, until Death occurs, or Food is consumed. This reduction does not accumulate liken the Thirst deterrent does, therefore, One may fast if they so choose to.

The City Bath should be a familiar landmark to One’s self. At the City Bath One may Slake their Thirst, Clean themselves, and Launder their clothes.
Failing to Slake One’s Thirst reduces their Efficiency, Evasion, Fortitude, and Rhythm by 50% when the 36th Hour passes, 100% when the 72nd Hour passes, 150% when the 108th passes, 200% when the 144th Hour passes, 250% when the 180th passes, and finally 300% when the 216th Hour comes around to collect the dust that is One’s carcass. Only Staves, Bees, Towers, Fireflies, Ibex, and Trees have the Fortitude to withstand the 216th Hour. One has never been known to go 252 Hours without Slaking their Thirst.
For One to remain healthy and fit they must bathe also! If One does not, their Fortitude suffers in the same way that it may if One does not Slake their Thirst. For every day that One does not Bathe, their Fortitude suffers an accumulating 10%. Yes, it’s true, One may contract a bad case of Death from avoiding the suds! One’s advice to Another is to Bathe at least every 30 Days.
It’s also prudent to clean, or Launder One’s clothes occasionally, so that One may remain undistracted, and unrestrained. One’s garments accumulate a -5% to Efficiency, and Rhythm every 36th Hour unless laundered.

Throughout the course of One’s life they may accumulate Merits, and Badges. These may be found randomly, but most are bestowed, by the Powers, in recognition of One’s accomplishments, and Labors. Merits and Badges are conspicuous when worn, and grant certain adjustments to One’s Attributes, not to mention popularity.
For example, the Green Thumb Badge is gifted unto those that have spent countless hours laboring in the Garden at Home, and increase their efficiency when Preparing, Planting, and Harvesting Vegetables, Nuts and Grains, and Fruits. The Spic and Span Merit for the faithful Bather is perhaps the proudest to bear of them all!

While not technically an Attribute, Death is an all too common condition which may sometime be avoidable given some understanding of it. The clinical definition of Death is thus; when One’s Fortitude reaches an unrecoverable state. This unrecoverable state has a value of -200%. So be full of caution! And lend a careful eye unto yours.

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