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 Bruce's Mailbox

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Bruce Enderson
Bruce Enderson

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PostSubject: Bruce's Mailbox   Bruce's Mailbox EmptySat Sep 29, 2012 11:18 pm

Quote :
OK Annan if you don't wish for neither party, that is me and mine, and you and yours, to take this evolution of things very personally I propose we coordinate.

(I sincerely do like the video)
You guys can camp in Norway. You can even tend those resources, the stone, the iron, the wood. God and Glory to you, even. But if you would build a castle, install a market? Notions such as those you need to raise the capital for, and provide the construction material. Further to this, you can pay no man or woman who lends their hands to it less than 3.00.

So get your bank in order. And let's keep in touch.

Bruce's Mailbox Sealbruceenderson3

by the way, i found a rare shop and felt compelled to share it with all my kin. It would be too bold of me to say you could be inspired.

God and Glory;

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Bruce's Mailbox
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