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 William Lambert;

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Bruce Enderson
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William Lambert; Empty
PostSubject: William Lambert;   William Lambert; EmptySun Aug 18, 2013 7:17 pm

Quote :
Tell Avi I have a third quest for you.  At the market I have doubloons for .99 and you need a traveler's bonus for this mission.  For one day only.  This is so that you may sail for at no cost to yourself.  Acquire that and bring along 6 soups, and your pick axe.  If you have a tidy sum left you can also buy a hatchet but it isn't critical to your task.

Mind this, lad, the sea can swallow you.  Take to this route;

  • go to sea using the firth of forth - it is the mare-nordico-ovest tile.
  • then catch the strong wind which carries you from the north sea tile to the northeast.
  • take to land in Agder.  And find the auld Scots tavern in Rogaland (you may know it as Stavanger).

I will send you a work hammer which you'll find useful over thaer.
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William Lambert; 1269
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William Lambert;
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